White Spruce
Potted Christmas Tree

The white spruce (picea glauca), also commonly known as the "Christmas Star", has green to bluish green needles and has a beautiful dense cone shape. It is a dwarf variety that has very slow growth, typically only 2 - 10 centimeters per year.

With it's spruce tree fragrance, it is ideally used as a small Christmas Tree. The Tiny and Extra Small sizes are perfect as a table display or for an office desk. 

Sizing & Availability

This season we have the white spruce available in the following sizes:

Tiny 6" (10 - 15 cm)

Extra Small 8" (15 - 25cm)

Small 10" (25 - 40cm)

Medium 12" (40 - 60cm)

Large 13" (60 - 80cm)

Extra Large 17" (80 - 100cm, limited stock available)

Trees are available for purchase in our Sydney Store, Please visit us in store or contact us.