Our grandfather, John Merlino, proudly standing in front of a real 8ft cut Christmas tree.

Real, Live & Fresh Sydney Christmas Trees

Merlino's Christmas Tress is a family owned and run business, growing, supplying and selling real Christmas trees to Sydney for over 50 years.

Real cut and live potted Christmas trees

We sell shaped freshly cut christmas trees and live potted christmas trees direct to the public from our warehouse in Five Dock, Sydney. Our Christmas Trees are available in a variety of sizes.

Our Christmas Trees in Sydney

During the early weeks in December, and right up until Christmas Eve, Christmas trees are brought into Sydney from the Merlino Monterey Pine farms in Ben Bullen NSW.

Our plantations produce excellent quality Monterey Pines. The pines offer straightness and uniformity which lends well to their use as the most perfect Christmas tree.

See our Real Cut Christmas Trees

Real, Live & Fresh Sydney Christmas trees

Real Cut Christmas Trees

Our freshly shaped and cut Monterey Pine Christmas Trees are famously distinguished... 

Live Potted Christmas trees

All of our Potted Christmas Trees are living, with their root systems... 

Thank you for your support and generosity

This year we will be spreading the love and raising funds for The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Together we have raised over $20,000 for The Children’s Hospital Foundation over the last 10 years.

We hope to see you again this year to continue the support of this great foundation.

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