Live Potted Christmas Trees

All of our Potted Christmas Trees are living, with their root systems intact, so they will continue to grow after Christmas.

We have three varieties of live potted Christmas trees available:

  • Monterey pine
  • White spruce
  • Blue star

They need to be cared for, with regular watering and re-potting in subsequent years as they outgrow.

Monterey Pine
Potted Christmas tree

The Monterey pine (pinus radiata), is our traditional potted Christmas tree, with its strong distinctive scent. They are growing and will continue to live in the pot. These potted trees need to be watered regularly and re-potted into a larger pot every two years. Alternatively the tree can be planted in the ground.

Sizing & Availability

The following sizes are available for our Live Potted Christmas Tree range:

  • 10” pot with a 2-3FT Tree

  • 12” pot with a 3FT Tree

  • 13” pot with a 4FT Tree

  • 20” pot with a 5-6FT Tree

Potted christmas trees are available in our Sydney Store. Please visit us in store or contact us for availability.


White Spruce
Potted Christmas Tree

The white spruce (picea glauca), also commonly known as the "Christmas Star", has green to bluish green needles and has a beautiful dense cone shape. It is a dwarf variety that has very slow growth, typically only 2 - 10 centimeters per year.

With it's spruce tree fragrance, it is ideally used as a small Christmas Tree. The Tiny and Extra Small sizes are perfect as a table display or for an office desk. 

Sizing & Availability

This season we have the white spruce available in the following sizes:

Tiny 6" (10 - 15 cm)

Extra Small 8" (15 - 25cm)

Small 10" (25 - 40cm)

Medium 12" (40 - 60cm)

Large 13" (60 - 80cm)

Extra Large 17" (80 - 100cm, NOT available in 2018)

Trees are available for purchase in our Sydney Store, Please visit us in store or contact us.


Blue Star
Potted Christmas Tree

The Blue Star (picea pungens), is a beautiful grey form of the Colorado Spruce. Slow growing conical small tree developing horizontally layered branching with age. The Blue Star is extremely hardy and is best placed in a decorative pot for an excellent long lasting Christmas Tree.

After Christmas you can place outside in a shady spot and repot into a larger container if needed.

In 10 years, your Blue Star can grow up to 1.5m high and up to 1m in width.

Sizing & Availability

Small 10" pot, 25 - 40cm in height

Medium 13" pot, 40 - 60cm in height (Not available for 2018)