Collection: Real Cut Christmas Trees

Our freshly shaped and cut Monterey Pine Christmas Trees are famously distinguished by their amazing scent.

Grown in the Blue Mountains region, our Monterey Pine's are cut directly from the ground and brought fresh to our warehouse in Sydney every day leading up to Christmas.

Cut christmas trees are at their best within their first 2 weeks, but can last up to 4 weeks. Remember to keep them in water to improve their longevity.

Stock & Availability

Cut Christmas trees are available for purchase in our Sydney Store. Listed prices below are for walk-in customers to our Sydney store. We do not take pre-orders or bookings for our Christmas trees.

Please check website announcement bar at the top of the website prior to visiting our store to ensure stock availability. 

Wrapping your Cut Christmas Tree with netting

Our Christmas tree netting machine wraps, compacts and helps to protect your tree for the journey home. The netting also helps to keep your car cleaner from the loose Christmas tree needles.

We promise that watching your cut Christmas tree being net is as exciting as finding your perfect Christmas tree!

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